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Alien Liason

My latest novella in the X-Dimensional series is almost here. As I write, it is with the publisher. Titled Alien Humanity, it may be my most complex and challenging book yet. There were a number of themes I wished to address by writing it, including:

  • First and foremost, it struck me that of all the science fiction and speculation about aliens, little of it was actually very...well, alien. In fact, not only was the fiction illustrating easily recognisable life-forms, the real accounts of extraterrestrial encounters were either comically recognisable - such as from B movies - or completely ridiculous. One of the most graphic encounters I heard described to me by an experiencer, had something of a stage set design to it, though he didn't pick up on that nuance. To paraphrase one researcher, whatever is going on here is much more interesting than mere extraterrestrials. For me, even to use such a term, likewise 'alien', is to apply a label from our own minds. This was something I wished to get away from.

  • Another strong theme for me was the strong evidence that we, on this planet, are mere 'food for the moon', as Gurdjieff put it. Other people have put it other ways, but it all amounts to the same thing: that something is feeding off our discord and hate, and is invested in us as a species remaining divisive and broken. This is a truth, or a possibility at least, that makes people very uncomfortable. A relaxing bedtime story it is not. I think it was Gurdjieff's pupil Ouspensky who stated that it is our task to build a 'second moon' (metaphorically speaking) if we are to defy our gaolors.

  • Another main theme I was interested in, was that in each and every case, with people who reported to me their UFO encounters, a personal transformation came about immediately after. These were usually quite dramatic transformations, where entirely different life-courses ensued. One of the interesting aspects of this was that whatever the truth about UFOs and suchlike, the personal gain in each case I knew of, was irrefutable. In this book I wished to do honour to this, and to the experiencers.

In order to convey something of a truly alien encounter, I had to muster all my skills at language, venturing into a semi-poetic approach where even molecular formulae have a certain song in them (something I've always felt). This may provide something of a challenge for the reader, but what worthwhile endeavour isn't? Yet for those willing to suspend logical thought, and just dive into the experience, the results should be deeply satisfying.

It should be added that there is also an easily understandable story at the heart of the book, a few stories actually, and some fascinating characters, or so I believe. But even I have my bias!

The front cover is a story in itself. Painted by Pramada Wells, who also did the earlier God of New York to much acclaim, he spent a lot of time on it, his wife Leonie modelling to illustrate the protagonist's encounter with the UFO. Hence, the journey began with the photograph above, and ended with the spectacular image below.

The book should be out by the end of this month, April 2023, in both paperback and Kindle. When it is available, details will be published on the Home page of this site.

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2 комментария

Brian James Wark
Brian James Wark
26 мая 2023 г.

Yes alien encounters seem always transformative in unpredictable ways. I suspect your book will verify that knowing you Anu. My partner Jewele was automatically astral/mind travelling to planets and galaxies regularly before Grade One. Brian J Wark, Victoria Canada


11 апр. 2023 г.

I'm looking forward to the publication; and reading the book

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