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Quality Time
The Equivocal Return of Lizzie Borden

Repression, manipulation and murder are not the only options. There is also joy.


A tale of three Devon families – one with deadly secrets, another anarchic and seemingly eternal, a third nascent and unknown. 


'A livre noire, a deep thriller, a timeless tale with a stimulating plot and erotic interludes.' Osho News 


'[H]aving finished Quality Time, and been surprised by the turn of events, that loves may be fulfilled. Just as dark thoughts are likely to lead to dark deeds. This genre, perhaps may be called D'archaeology, re-examining roots of events. It is in these depths of human emotion we see what we are feeding for good or ill.' Amazon reviewer

ASIN: B07D9TY1V2     Available on Kindle

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Wrecking Ball
Adventures in Time, Love and War

​A triptych in time:

1943: Love, betrayal and transcendence on a remote airfield at the edge of Dartmoor in Devon, England.

2012: A disgraced yet comical historian returns from a mysterious visit to the Bahamas, facing divorce, acrimony and failure in all areas of life.

1255: A band of Templar knights gather in Cornwall to embark on a perilous mission across the ocean.

Tales of romance in and out of time, echoing through centuries, with one shining thread linking them throughout, casting its brilliant light on something hidden, something transcendent of the wreckage of wars and doomed relationships.


Something extraordinary.

'I enjoyed reading this book very much, it is well researched and I found it entirely plausible that the plot intersects three time zones without confusing the reader. All the characters have strong personalities and are completely believable. I have also read Secrets and sense that these two novels would do well if adapted for T.V. or film.' Amazon reviewer

ISBN-10: 1787190463         Available online and through bookshops

Secrets cover (2).jpg
An Oxford Tale

Already recovering from the loss of her brother, Samantha - a young councillor from a village near Oxford - is not about to get any rest. As her influence and power grow, she faces threats from unexpected sources and it becomes clear that not only her future but that of the entire country - indeed, the world - is at stake. She meets two men - an elderly music teacher and an American intelligence operative - who just might have the answers to everything. The three of them start to work together, unveiling extraordinary secrets from life beyond death to the truth about extraterrestrials.

Included at the end of the book are suggested topics for discussion, questions and further activities for those interested in pursuing the scientific and spiritual issues raised further

'This is a thoroughly enjoyable book of mysteries and transformation in which the reader is inspired to use his/her own power of thought and deduction to move through a maze of clues together with three unlikely collaborators who are thrown together to embark on an intriguing quest to save the world.' Amazon reviewer

  • ISBN-10: 1785071890   Available online and through bookshops

The Poisoned Dragon
Healing with Feng Shui and Geomancy

Going beyond the limits of a single discipline and into a new world of possibilities, The Poisoned Dragon introduces new and inspiring ways of working with Feng Shui, the compass and the five elements. Fully illustrated with photographs, drawings and diagrams and citing many case histories.

'Read this if you want to know about your place on earth. Fascinating, and opens out whole new areas to explore. The book made me feel happy even though it spelt out some troubled spots in our environment. It left me with hope and knowing there were solutions and much to enjoy.'  Amazon reviewer

'The Poisoned Dragon-a wonderfully insightful book, combining many areas of interest that influence life. It sparks enthusiasm to analyse or recognise personal characteristics and to integrate this with a combination of different systems, not sticking to standard, non-individual rules and ideas (which I liked very much!).
Written in a very personal, easy-going manner this book makes you feel as if the author is talking to you. Very readable and recommendable! (Even funny at times...)'

Amazon reviewer

Extracts and more.

ISBN-10: 095460990     Available online and through bookshops

Also available

'Demons: The Azazel Curse' and 'Nomads: Deeper Than Blue' are two 'spiritual thrillers' almost out of print but they can still be found online if you look. Happy seeking!

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Nomads cover.jpg
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