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Fun with Art

Having just completed an essay on my Patreon site, about my photography, I thought it might be good to do something here with more pictures than paragraphs, highlighting the influence certain artists have on me. Of course, most of these pictures are taken in split-seconds, but even then at the back of my mind I know what it is I'm attempting to capture. When I showed The Sands of St Ives to someone they exclaimed, 'How did you do that?! Were they all actors or something?' She recognised the precision required to get it just right. As I was running along the pier, I was conscious at the time that there was something Lowry-esque about what I was seeing and I wished to honour that. I don't always know the particular artist, for example with the Lyme Regis picture I was attempting to echo nineteenth century paintings of fishing villages as well as a certain timelessness. A friend suggested I should look particularly at the work of Stanhope Forbes for comparison.

Of course, these are just snapshots but they succeed with at least a superficial nod to art I have loved. So, enough talk for once, and I will let the pictures say what they will...

LS Lowry

The Sands of St Ives

Stanhope Forbes

Lyme Regis

Caspar David Friedrich

Cot Beach

Giorgio de Chirico

Buckfastleigh, Devon

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