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Pursuit of the Eternal Flame

So the latest has just been published, and is available here. The stunning cover art by Pramada Wells has already received a lot of positive feedback, albeit often with a quiet 'Whoa!' undertone. As noted previously, we were unsure whether we could use the image, beautiful as it is. Fortunately people seem to have recognised it as art and are appreciative. Indeed, some have noted the similarity to Indian divinities rejoicing in their sexuality, which is precisely what I was looking for.

I am unlikely to be doing an official book launch this time, nor events centred around the book such as I did with Alien Humanity. The latter tied in well with my UFO research and there was a lot I could share with an audience, whereas The Non-Existent Limitations of the Flame has themes that are very difficult to convey so directly. Much better for those interested to immerse themselves in the experience by reading the story. It's actually much easier to access than the three previous novellas, using simple language and a lot of humour. No complex physics discussions as in God of New York, obscure spiritual practices as in Sesonsfin, and no poetic abstruse passages as in Alien Humanity.

Osho News will be promoting the book a bit, with a review and extract. For the latter I chose an Arctic interlude, where one of the protagonists is thrown into a shamanic adventure. It's not a typical passage but then I realised when selecting it: that the book is full of quite disparate stories, this stands up well on its own, and is one of which I am particularly fond.

So what next? Well, this publication marks the beginning of a sort of hiatus for me. One reason is that I'm not quite ready to start on the fifth book in the septology, neither psychologically nor academically as it requires a considerable amount of research. I'm also in need of a break from this particular project. Four books in, and it already feels like quite an achievement, it's certainly taken a lot to get there. Two things are likely to unfold at this point:

First, with these four books and previous tomes, I have enough to start giving a series of talks and even workshops centred on my x-dimensional research. This ties in with a long-term aim of establishing what I call 'The Menaka Wellspring', a facility designed to impart the multifarious aspects of the XD work.

Secondly, to my surprise a very different book started 'coming through' into my consciousness a while ago, and it's been very insistent on finding a voice. I wake up many a night with ideas and visions that I just need to get down. I have a thick wad of notes and have been conducting related research now for well over a year. There are some similarities to my latest, but not many. It's a very singular affair. I won't say anything about this, other than it's very long, something of an epic and is going to require at least two years' work before fruition. I've started tentatively, and am already enjoying the process. This will be fun.

So these are the two prongs of the next phase: workshops, lectures, essays and blogs; and the hidden aspect where I quietly get on with my next book. And of course, the adventure always continues.

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