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Betwixt and between

This time of year often seems this way. The winter solstice and its festivities have been left behind, and spring is not quite here. My work has reflected this.

Like seeds germinating in the soil, everything is happening below the surface as I prepare for a new book which I hope to commence writing in the summer. More about that eventually.

What I have been doing is a lot of other work. The Visionary and Metaphysical Artists Exhibition - which I wrote about in the previous blog - is one thing, but I have also been meeting with people needing help in navigating what I call five-dimensional experiences (see my paper on The X-Dimensional Self in X-Tras) . This has been going very nicely, on the quiet. Also been watching the TV series 'The Enfield Haunting' which although it came in for some criticism from investigators, for the most part sticks to the facts and uses the story to examine human nature in some depth. Also, amongst many other books, I've finished reading Hilary Porter's 'Diaries and Recollections of an Alien Abductee', which with all the links to other articles and videos, provided a lot of fascinating material. Now I'm into 'Picnic Comma Lightning' by Lawrence Scott, as well as finding time to spend with my recent favourite detective Sharon McCone.

So, this time of germination and going within, is full of activity despite appearances!

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