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Spook Nights

After I gave that talk at Halloween last year on 'New Theories in Hauntings', looking at applications of my 'X-Dimensional Research' (see X-Tras) in regards to psychic phenomena, a number of people approached me wanting to meet. This led to a series of get-togethers which have become regular monthly events.

There are a number of very different aspects to this group from others I have been involved with. For a start, there is no attempt to prove or disprove anything, that isn't the point. Secondly, everyone present has had at least one encounter with the beyond, in most cases innumerable encounters. From there, all avenues are possible, with a lot of emphasis on the pragmatic i.e. Is there a standard explanation? If not, what can you do? How does it affect me? What might it mean? etc.

I don't know if anywhere other than Cornwall would such a grounded approach be possible. If so, I would be interested in finding out. For now I am really enjoying our 'spook nights' (we still don't have a formal name for the group). There is a Zen saying, 'Clouds are in the sky, water is in the well. No wasteful argument'. I can't think of a more appropriate way to encapsulate what is happening here.

At the Lost Gardens of Heligan

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